As one of the finest moving companies, we are pleased to offer high quality packing materials and services. With our knowledge and expertise, your packing experience will be an easy one. We guarantee that your personal items will be transported carefully.


There are several steps when packing items. First, you should decide whether you would like our professional assistance or pack your own personal belongings. Planning ahead is always important whether we pack for you or you pack yourself. At Pro Metro Movers, we are able to offer you full service packing or solely the supplies for your packing needs.


Should you decide to pack your own personal belongings, it is important to organize what to pack and then decide which items you intend to pack first. By planning ahead, you will save time and ease possible frustration later. A great tip is to label boxes and storage containers so that when you arrive after relocating, unpacking will be quick and easy.


Some people prefer packing kits that contain all packing materials one could possibly need. Boxes and storage containers are an essential part of the packing process. Boxes come in many shapes and sizes. Knowing what items need to be packed will help you determine what type of box is needed. Each box should contain items that fit appropriately. You may need to add bubble wrap, packing peanuts, newspaper or foam to help keep your personal items in place once in the box.

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